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Clam Breeding Farm Industry Project


Production Place on Ayarwaddy Division 


Myanmar lies in the tropical zone having 1760 miles long coastline, adjoining with a delta region. Thus, she is enriched with both inland and oversea marketable economic varieties, such as fishes, shrimps, prawns, lobsters, clams, musses, squids and deep-sea animals.

Sein Pan Trading Company Limited of Myanmar intends to carry out the clam-breeding farm and to produce the meat inside for exportation on the basis of a joint venture project with Hikari Trading Corporation of Japan.


Until now, there is no clam breeding farm industry and value-added clam meat production by high-tech culture. Again, such an end product has never been sold at foreign market.

If 12 millions clam have been collected every year, extinction of species will result within a short-term period of two years. If such circumstance prevails, production of end products will also be ceased along with the extinction. Thus, it is aimed to bring about:
                        (i)     Breeding and culture research, and 
                        (ii)     Production of value-added meat and to export, jointly.


(A) For the state

  1. To fetch more foreign exchange out of Aquaculture sector

  2. To aid in promotion of export goods

  3. To enable the sale of aquaculture products in a most effective way

  4. To develop more farming industries, and to transfer a system that can produce and sell the products of raw materials that can be transformed into a finished product.

(B) For the people 

  1. To transform the traditional and conventional practice of local populace a to new occupations resulted from  high-tech applications

  2. To develop new jobs so as to increase per capita income

  3. To promote new technology


To produce Ten million clams of standard quality as semi value-added end products every year from Clam Breeding Farm Industry. This will be exported annually to fetch US$ 540,000.

Production Sites 

  1. Magyeekone village, Palau Township, Myeik District, Taninthayi Division.

  2. Kadonkani village, Bogale Township, Ayeyarwady Division

  3. Kandaung Gyee village tract, Myebon Township, Sittway State.

Capitalized Account

Initial Investment of 300 lakhs in Kyats, and a cash flow of Kyats 1200 lakhs.

Area Coverage for a Breeding Farm

(a) Tow acres of land area 
(b) Ten acres of littoral zone

Required wage earners for each farm

About 50

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