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Sea Shally Project

Sea Shally Raw

Ready for Export

MYANMAR (Burma) has 1760 miles shore line. Its situated in tropical zone. Burmese sea is warm climate and clear water. Therefore, it becomes right environment for sea zoology. Very long period over quarter of century, bulk fishing in Burma Sea is seldom. So, there are many fish and variety.
The sea shally fish is very common in shallow shorelines of Burma. Formerly, most of small sea fishes were used for poultry farms. Rarely use to human edibles. Usually the fishermen thrown away these small sized Underutilized fishes. Now, Sein-Pan Trading Company Limited of Burma will produce by fishing Sea Shally and transforming into human edibles. We will use higher technology. Then, we will sell them in markets both international and domestic.


Preparation of these small fishes using high technology in Burma is not yet done before. Our project will be the first production will go to Burmese markets.

Starting the Project

The project began in April 2000 for exploration and experiment. The out came result of that project by Sein Pan Trading Co., Ltd and decided to start for the production. The policy is to ship one container of merchandise in October 2000 as an example. So that to produce the merchandises in time, Sein Pan Co., Ltd. Usually to begin the preparations starting from middle of August. Due to weather and accessibility project need to be implemented in three places. The first one is MAN-AUNG (RAKHINE) Site, the second one is PULAW (MERGUI ARCHIPELAGO) and the third one is MYAY PON (PRAKHINE).

The Time Frame

Our main target for exporting is 15 Ton per month.
1. Preparation has to be completed before the end of the September.
2. Operation is going to start at the first week of October to April.
3. The first consignment 3 Ton Per 20 feet container is to be sent at the first week of November.
4. The dry season starting October to April for 7 months can dry by sun. The raining season starting May to September cannot dry by sun. If our company can use the oven instead of sun for dry we can supply the whole year.


Dried fish called shally in Myanmar Language.

Analysis of Sea Shally dried fish

Protein% 72.20 Calcium%  2.53
Moisture% 12.22 Total Phosphorus%  2.02
Far% 1.20  Sand & Silica%  0.19
Total Ash  8.74  Sodium Chloride%  0.35



Body Length of the product must be equal or larger than 5 cm.


Export standard double wall corrugated corrugated carton box with 0.07 mm thickness polyethylene plastic bag. These carton boxes must be put into a 20 feet refer container (with refrigeration, temperature must be less than minus 18 degree Clesius)
Net weight of product in one carton box is 15 Kgs.
Total net weight of product in one 20 feet container is 2.7 Ton.
Total carton boxes will be 180 boxes.


Three (20 feet) containers about (8.1) Tons per month.
Production Site
1. Kha Ohr Maw Village, Man Aung Township, Rakhine State 
2. Pala Village, Palaw Township, Tanintharyi Division
3. Myay Bon, Rakhine State.

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